Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Main Stage

When Liam Gallagher strolls onto the stage at Metro, he will be the only original member of Oasis to have returned to the Chicago club since the band first played there in 1994. 

Oasis certainly carried on as a live act whenever Liam or older brother Noel Gallagher decided to ditch the group, but the Gallaghers would stick it out together on record. A year and a half since Noel's departure and the apparent break-up of Oasis, Liam marches on with the remnants (Andy Bell, Gem Archer) of Oasis as the brand new Beady Eye while still pulling the same plays from the Oasis songbook, appropriately titled Different Gear, Still Speeding. Was anyone really surprised that Beady Eye's lead single "The Roller" completely lifted the rhythm and melody of John Lennon's "Instant Karma"? 

Regardless, the sold-out crowd at Metro will go madferit just to see the lads. Liam will be godlike (while performing no Oasis song). Noel will be at home, crafting his likely solo effort. The Oasis reunion show will storm Chicago and the world in 2016.

Beady Eye @ Metro (6/18/2011)

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Extra! Extra!

The June issue of Chicago Innerview is now available online. In this month's issue, I interviewed Michael Benjamin Lerner of Telekinesis.

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